Interested Gardens

The Quaker Garden Trail is hosted and administered by Backhouse Rossie and initially free to join.

If you have a garden or property with Quaker connections we would be very interested to hear from you, if you are open / wanting to open to the public.

Requirements of Membership to TQGT

  • Each garden maintains a free page on the Quaker Garden Trail website and populates it (with assistance if needed from Backhouse Rossie) with text, images and information on their offering, their property/garden/grounds Quaker connection whether current or historic plus their usual visitor information.
  • Each garden is an independent entity, with its own Health & Safety, public insurance policies, marketing and staffing and joins TQGT as an independent property / business.
  • Display the TQGT’s Logo at the property’s entrance till point / visitor meeting point or on the property’s visitor information.
  • Display the TQGT’s QR code to take visitors direct to TQGT website.
  • Gardens are asked to display The TQGT logo on their advertising leaflets, website and mention their involvement with the Trail at talks or tours if appropriate to the tour or talk.
  • Each garden has a link from their website to their information and events page as displayed in their page in TQGT.
  • Promote and speak well of the Trail when the opportunity presents.

Optional Requirements

Interpretation board in the garden, re-usable hand out to garden visitors, additional information in the properties advertising material.

As TQGT gains success, it is hoped the gardens will work together to further the trail potential as a destination.

Not necessarily required: – Garden Tea Room and facilities, but visitors always like to know where the nearest tea room or facilities might be found.

We would be delighted if you are interested in becoming members the TQGT or pass the message onto a Garden or Property with past or present Quaker connections near you.

Please contact Caroline Thomson, The Backhouse Heritage and Education Centre, Rossie Estate, By Collessie, Fife. KY15 7UZ or email [email protected].